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Dr. Lawenda's Functional Medicine Program

EVERYONE should know their functional health status.

Dr. Lawenda offers in-office and remote functional medicine testing, helping you develop a personalized approach to reduce risks of cancer development, recurrence and progression, as well as reducing risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia.

Dr. Lawenda developed the Optimized Health Composite Score which which incorporates multiple functional medicine lab tests to assess 7 critical health domains into a score that you can track over time:

  1. Nutrient & Oxidative Stress Score (NutrEval Assay)
  2. Metabolic & Inflammation Score (Basic Functional Labs)
  3. Stress Hormone, Methylation & Melatonin Score (DUTCH Assay)
  4. Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut & GI Inflammation Score (GI MAP Assay)
  5. Aerobic & Resistance Exercise Score
  6. Body Composition Score
  7. Sleep Score