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The Integrative Oncology Essentials Program (IOE Program) is an online resource for anyone interested in better understanding their current health and long-term wellbeing. There are several ways to gain insight into your overall health — enrolling in a self-paced online course, scheduling a phone or video conference consultation with Dr. Lawenda, or ordering lab tests that provide individualized health data for personal review or your healthcare provider.

Online Course

The IOE course is an interactive self-paced course designed to help people who care about their long-term health and cancer prevention, and anyone who needs help coping or better caring for themselves before, during, and after cancer treatment. Enrollment includes additional benefits, including discounts on private consultations.


There are many times when people look for a second opinion, need medical advice, or have questions about discoveries made while taking the online course. Dr. Lawenda sets time aside from his practice to answer questions and review lab tests for people across the country.

Lab Tests

Lab tests are often the first step in better understanding what is happening inside the human body. While some tests are relatively standard, there are many more worthwhile tests that may not be typically ordered by medical providers or covered by insurance. Learn more about these important tests.

Benefits to Enrollment

Many people also enroll in the self-paced online course to learn more about overall health, additional information about various tests, and discounts on any private consultation.