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EVERYONE should know their functional health status.

Dr. Lawenda offers remote (domestic and international) lab testing, self-quantification and consulting service to anyone, with or without a history of cancer. Implementing a cohesive, personalized functional medicine, integrative medicine and biohacking approach to your life will help you better optimize your health.

The Optimized Health Composite Score incorporates these 7 critical health domains into a score that you can track over time:

  1. Nutrient & Oxidative Stress Score (NutrEval Assay)
  2. Metabolic & Inflammation Score (Basic Functional Labs)
  3. Stress Hormone, Methylation & Melatonin Score (DUTCH Assay)
  4. Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut & GI Inflammation Score (GI MAP Assay)
  5. Aerobic & Resistance Exercise Score
  6. Body Composition Score
  7. Sleep Score


When you purchase supplements through Dr. Lawenda’s online dispensary (Wellevate) you will receive a 10% discount off the suggested retail price. —

Specific supplement recommendations are discussed by Dr. Lawenda during in-person or virtual visits and consults.

Online Course

Dr. Brian Lawenda created the IOE Program as an interactive self-paced, online educational course to help him teach cancer patients and survivors about numerous topics that are important to their overall health and cancer outcomes. You will learn about integrative oncology, functional medicine assay testing, complementary therapies, the use of supplements and off-label drugs, how to reduce inflammation and improve immunity, manage treatment side effects and much more.

2020 Testimonials:

  • The Integrative Oncology Essentials (IOE) Program has been invaluable to me as I navigate the vast internet in search of the most reliable health information. Dr. Lawenda has provided a hub from which I can access the latest research and recommendations on disease prevention or disease care. This is a source of information for everyone looking to improve their health, whether you are on a cancer journey or you want to be intentional about prevention. For me, the most pivotal aspect of this program was the micronutrient testing. Described in module 10 of the program, these simple lab tests can identify deficiencies in order to make our bodies less congenial to cancerous cells. I was able to make lifestyle changes with this information. This “whole” approach to health is presented in interactive modules outlining nutrition, supplements, reducing toxins, spirituality, stress-reduction and other topics. These are all accompanied by the most updated scientific research. I cannot thank Dr. Lawenda enough for providing this reliable and comprehensive resource.” (M.S., Tri-Cities, WA, February 16, 2020)
  • “Because of my wife’s very serious cancer situation we have seen the best specialists in the country and made many changes to our lives.  I have read over 30 anti-cancer books and I have found Dr. Lawenda’s IOE Program material to be some of the best, most current, cutting edge and helpful.  We believe Dr. Lawenda is helping us beat the odds, and we are extremely grateful.” (D.C., Seattle, WA, March 1, 2020)

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There are many times when people look for a second opinion, need medical advice, or have questions about discoveries made while taking the online course. Dr. Lawenda sets time aside from his practice to answer questions and review lab tests for people across the country.

Dr. Brian Lawenda Discusses Video or Phone Sessions

Lab Tests

Lab tests are often the first step in better understanding what is happening inside the human body. While some tests are relatively standard, there are many more worthwhile tests that may not be typically ordered by medical providers or covered by insurance. Learn more about these important tests.