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Optimized Health Composite Score Testing & Counseling

EVERYONE should know their functional health status.

Dr. Lawenda offers remote (domestic and international) lab testing, self-quantification and consulting service to anyone, with or without a history of cancer. Implementing a cohesive, personalized functional medicine, integrative medicine and biohacking approach to your life will help you better optimize your health.

The Optimized Health Composite Score incorporates these 7 critical health domains into a score that you can track over time:

  1. Nutrient & Oxidative Stress Score (NutrEval Assay)
  2. Metabolic & Inflammation Score (Basic Functional Labs)
  3. Stress Hormone, Methylation & Melatonin Score (DUTCH Assay)
  4. Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut & GI Inflammation Score (GI MAP Assay)
  5. Aerobic & Resistance Exercise Score
  6. Body Composition Score
  7. Sleep Score

Ordering Supplements


Register for your free Wellevate account through this link. When you purchase any supplements through Dr. Lawenda’s online dispensary (Wellevate) you will receive a 10% discount off the retail price.

Supplement Recommendations

These are only discussed by Dr. Lawenda during in-person or virtual visits and consults