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Please select a course below to get started, we recommend you start at with 1. Getting Started.

3. Understanding Inflammation

Awareness into how inflammation increases health risks and how to mitigate it.

4. Improving Total Nutrition

A comprehensive look at nutrition and an overview of several evidence-supported diets.

5. Exercising For Life

A comprehensive overview of exercise and physical fitness for beginners and intermediates.

6. Reducing Everyday Stress

An complete understanding of how stress can undermine health and quality of life.

7. Avoiding Exposure To Toxins

An introduction to reducing the risk of common chemicals and everyday toxins.

8. Improving Sleep Quality

A compressive look at how better sleep quality can improve overall health.

9. Developing Spiritual Awareness

An introduction to how spiritual awareness can serve patients regardless of faith.

10. Testing For Better Health

The most important and often overlooked lab tests available to the medical community.

11. Preparing For Surgery

Prehabiliation programs along with physical activity, proper diet, and sleep, improve surgery outcomes.

12. Considering Chemotherapy

A straightforward conversation about chemotherapy and chemosensitivity assays.

13. Considering Radiation Therapy

An introduction to stereotactic radiation as a treatment option for some patients.

14. Treating Cancerous Tumors

An overview of common cancers and a variety of treatment and recovery options.

15. Exploring Complementary Therapies

A comprehensive look at natural, complementary, and conventional therapies.

16. Living As A Survivor

Developing a survivorship care plan that addresses post-treatment considerations.

17. What To Do If Treatments Are Not Working

When outcomes are expressly difficult, there are additional options worth exploration.

18. Managing Side Effects

Learn how to manage some of the more common symptoms and side effects patients experience during and after treatment.

19. IOE AntiCancer Scores

Calculate how your lifestyle factors, lab tests and use of supplements and off-label drugs may impact your outcomes.


20. Prostate Cancer Basics Online Course

Dr. Brian Lawenda developed this easy to understand course to help patients learn more about their new diagnosis of prostate cancer, the most common treatment options, side effects/risks and monitoring after treatment.


21. Breast Cancer Basics Online Course

Dr. Brian Lawenda discusses the basics of breast cancer diagnosis and management in this easy-to-understand online course.


22. Many Cancer Survivors Die of Cardiovascular Disease: What’s Your Risk?

Dr. Brian Lawenda discusses the most important risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease, one of the most common causes of mortality in cancer survivors.


23. An Oncologist’s Approach to Functional Medicine


24. Hearing Loss

Dr. Lawenda developed this short course to introduce you to some of the common causes, screening tests and potential consequences of hearing loss.


25. Optimized Health Composite Score

The Optimized Health Composite Score (OHCS) is a measurement tool for those who want to assess their physiological state based on functional medicine assay testing (systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, nutrient status, oxidative stress, cortisol/melatonin levels, intestinal health/dysbiosis), sleep, physical activity and abdominal fat. The OHCS is a quantitative number that you can track over time. A higher number (score: 0-100) implies better health optimization.