19. IOE AntiCancer Scores


As an enrollee in the IOE Online Program, you have learned that there are many things that you can do to impact your outcomes from cancer. I created the following apps as educational tools to reinforce how changes in various lifestyle factors, functional medicine lab results, and use of off-label drugs and supplements theoretically slow cancer growth, spread and recurrence. The basis of my apps are built on a synthesis of evidence-based preclinical, epidemiological and clinical published data.

The information you learn from these apps is NOT meant to be used as a rationale for patients to discontinue or refuse conventional oncologic treatments. Dr. Lawenda does NOT recommend that patients use any of the mentioned compounds without first discussing this with their cancer care team, as there are many potential risks.

Please read Dr. Lawenda’s lesson on Off-Label Drugs and Supplements for more background on this topic.

  1. Dr. Lawenda recommends that you start by first calculating your IOE AntiCancer Glucose Score. If you have not had these lab tests done recently, leave the defaulted selected values (normal values) and complete the remainder of the assessment. What you will notice is that if you do NOT have insulin resistance, there is less benefit to adding any drugs or supplements that target glucose metabolism.
  2. Proceed to the IOE AntiCancer Composite Score. This combines the above IOE AntiCancer Glucose Score with lifestyle factors and functional medicine test results that are known to be associated with cancer outcomes.
  3. Next, calculate your IOE AntiCancer Glutamine & Fatty Acid Score. This score examines the impact of combining various off-label drugs and supplements that may exert anticancer properties on the metabolism of glutamine and fatty acids. You can skip this assessment if you are not interested in using these compounds.
  4. Finally, calculate your IOE AntiCancer Signaling Pathways Score. Many off-label drugs and supplements have reported anticancer properties by altering the pathways that promote cancer. You can also skip this assessment if you are not interested in using these compounds.