Lab Tests

Lab Tests

The Integrative Oncology Essential Program (IOE Program) offers advanced functional medicine lab tests recognized for providing the most detailed information about your body and metabolic function. All of the labs listed below deliver a thorough assessment of body systems that many standard lab tests overlook. Once you have the results, you can share this information with your medical provider or order a consultation with Dr. Lawenda to discuss specific areas of focus, supplementation, or recommended follow-up labs.

How it Works

1. Order Tests Online

Select the lab tests that interest you the most. Add them to the cart and place an online order. There are no hidden fees. This affordable price listed on this page is the price you will receive.

2. Receive Test Kits

Your test kits will arrive in the mail. They include step-by-step collection instructions and a prepaid return shipping label. Email support is available if you have questions about your kits.

3. Get Your Results

Your results will be released via a secure email as soon as they are available. Once you have received your results, consider a consultation with Dr. Lawenda or another medical advisor.

Benefits to Enrollment

Many people also enroll in the self-paced online course to learn more about overall health, additional information about various tests, and discounts on any private consultation.