Breast Cancer Basics: DCISionRT Test (You May Not Need Breast Radiation Therapy If You Have DCIS)

Every breast cancer patient with a new diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, should know about the DCISionRT test. DCISionRT is a test that can identify which DCIS tumors have a high or low risk for recurrence, which is important information that can help patients and their doctors better decide who would benefit from a course of radiation therapy.

Standard guidelines recommend that the majority of patients with DCIS should receive a course of breast radiation after lumpectomy to reduce their risk of a recurrence, however, not every patient will benefit from this additional treatment.

The DCISionRT test was developed and validated in multiple studies to help accurately identify which patients will or will not likely benefit from a course of radiation therapy. I offer this test in my practice as a tool to customize my treatment recommendations.

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