Breast Cancer Basics: Getting an Integrative Oncology & Functional Medicine Consult

If you are overwhelmed, confused or don’t know which integrative oncology approaches to pursue for your cancer care, you are not alone. Dr. Brian Lawenda is a Harvard trained radiation oncologist, integrative oncologist and an expert in functional medicine. Schedule a remote video or phone 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Lawenda to help customize your integrative oncology care.

The IOE Online Program:

Dr. Brian Lawenda created the IOE Program as an interactive self-paced, online educational course to help him teach cancer patients and survivors about numerous topics that are important to their overall health and cancer outcomes. You will learn about integrative oncology, functional medicine assay testing, complementary therapies, the use of supplements and off-label drugs, how to reduce inflammation and improve immunity, manage treatment side effects and much more.

Dr. Brian Lawenda briefly explains the contents of his 19 module online integrative oncology course, called the IOE Program. You can either access and view the course on your computer or smart phone (as in this video).