CYREX Array 10


Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen


The CYREX Array 10 evaluates immune reactions to foods, raw and/or modified, food enzymes, lectins, and artificial food additives, including meat glue, colorings, and gums. It is also effective in the early detection of dietary-related triggers of autoimmune reactivity and can be used to monitor the effectiveness of customized dietary protocol.


  • Array 10 | Multiple food immune reactivity screen

Turnaround time for results is 14 business days from the time a specimen is received.

All Orders Receive:

  • Test requisition to be emailed to you to include with test kit and taken to blood draw center/lab of your choice.
  • Test kit shipped directly to the address provided.
  • Step-by-step test collection instructions.
  • Email support from IOE Program within 24 hours to confirm shipping address.
  • Prepaid FedEx shipping label for the submission of a sample.
  • Written report that summarizes all test findings emailed to you as a PDF file.
  • The option to receive additional insight into these findings by Dr. Lawenda. **Requires additional purchase of a lab review. Not automatically included. 

**NEW YORK RESIDENTS: Restrictions apply. If you are interested in this test, please reach out to us by emailing before ordering.

**INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:  Restrictions apply. Please contact us to confirm availability by emailing Testing not available in all areas outside of U.S.**

Why Is This Test Important?

The CYREX Array 10 test is specially designed for people seeking a life-long wellness strategy; suffer from unexplained symptoms whether gastrointestinal, neurological, dermatological or behavioral in nature; or unexplained symptoms whether gastrointestinal, neurological, dermatological or behavioral in nature. This test explores several possible causes, including heat modification in foods, cross-reactive and pan-antigen isolates, real world exposure to food, additives, and more. This array tests for hundreds of antigens, providing patients a clear direction for a healthy diet.

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