Optimized Health Composite Score Bundle (Labs + Consult)




Optimized Health Composite Score

EVERYONE should know their functional health status.

I am now offering a remote (domestic and international) lab testing, self-quantification and consulting service to anyone, with or without a history of cancer. Implementing a cohesive, personalized functional medicine, integrative medicine and biohacking approach to your life will help you better optimize your health.

The “Optimized Health Composite Score”

I recently launched the Optimized Health Composite Score and 1-on-1 consulting which incorporates these 7 critical health domains into a score that you can track over time:

  1. Nutrient & Oxidative Stress Score (NutrEval Assay)
  2. Metabolic & Inflammation Score (Basic Functional Labs)
  3. Stress Hormone, Methylation & Melatonin Score (DUTCH Assay)
  4. Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut & GI Inflammation Score (GI MAP Assay)
  5. Aerobic & Resistance Exercise Score
  6. Body Composition Score
  7. Sleep Score

*I also offer additional functional medicine testing for those who want to an even more extensive assessment of potentially important domains, such as toxin and mold exposure, food sensitivity testing and genetic testing.

How It Works:

Step 1: Complete your labs (all 4 are required for the Optimized Health Composite Score)

*If you do not choose to purchase all 4 labs, I can still help you design a tailored health optimization plan based on the information available.

Step 2: Once the lab results are finalized, our coordinator will send these to you. You will be given an opportunity to schedule a lab review session (60-minutes) with me. During this 1-on-1 lab review counseling session, I will discuss your lab results and help you tailor a plan for health optimization that you can implement with your health care team or on your own. Additional consults can be purchased at any point if needed before and/or after your lab results review by clicking here.

All Orders Receive:

  • Test kit shipped directly to the address provided.
  • Step-by-step test collection instructions.
  • Email support from IOE Program within 24 hours to confirm shipping address.
  • Prepaid shipping label for the submission of a sample.
  • Written report that summarizes all test findings emailed to you as a PDF file.
  • A 60-minute lab results review with Dr. Lawenda.

**NEW YORK RESIDENTS: Restrictions apply. If you are interested in this test, please reach out to us by emailing admin@ioeprogram.com before ordering.

**INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:  Restrictions apply. Please contact us to confirm availability by emailing admin@ioeprogram.com. Testing not available in all areas outside of U.S.**


Why Everyone Should Do This:

By assessing your underlying physiology and making targeted improvements in your Optimized Health Composite Score, you can more efficiently and effectively reduce your risks of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality (cancer, heart disease, insulin resistance, dementia, impaired immunity).